VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation (VENUS) is a new kind of company. It’s a not-for-profit organization designed to make Canada a leader in cybersecurity. VENUS provides its membership with the people, space and infrastructure to work on complex, leading-edge cybersecurity problems affecting individuals, businesses and governments throughout the world.

Our interdisciplinary approach, served by a business ecosystem created specifically to address cybersecurity issues, provides our membership with a rate of return that is expected to be ten times greater than if they worked independently. Download our information sheet.

"The cybersecurity challenge...

...transcends the abilities of any single organization or individual to address alone. Consequently, academic, private, and public sector participants must unify their efforts when identifying the relevant issues, finding solutions, informing choices, and educating society in direct response to domain-specific requirements for the protection of information technology."

Bailetti, Tony et al., 2013. Technology Innovation Management Review: Developing an Innovation Engine to Make Canada a Global Leader in Cybersecurity. (August 2013).